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Never feel depressed and anxious again

It’s estimated that 16.2 million adults in the United States have had at least one major depressive episode in a given year. If you leave depression untreated, it can lead to serious health complications including putting your life at risk!
The most important thing in a world where we are surrounded by everyday stress is to cope with it and eliminate it.

Stress, anxiety and migraines are main cause we struggle to concentrate and have lack of overall motivation in our daily chores while developing more serious forms of depression. We all know the difference between being motivated and happy opposed to feeling depressed, stressed and sad.

Brain bottle will solve this issues in matter of days with proven results in lowering depression, eliminating anxiety and migraines with specially chosen ingredients that you can find in our full ingredient list.


In everyday life, we encounter massive problem solving situations. From simple tasks like getting groceries all the way to complex tasks like life changing decisions that influence our life plans and overall success. Most of us spends around 8 hours a day at work. That’s roughly third of our life spent at work. Third, even when you don’t calculate travelling to, and back from work. It’s quite normal that overall motivation and problem solving skills drop over time. One research called ‘’Problem solving to promotion course’’ took place in over 90 companies over the course of 9 years to see if problem solving could affect (job positions) of employees.
This research proved:

‘’If any individual in a company, no matter the position, increases problem solving skills by 20%, chances in getting a promotion in next 6 months rises by 91%. If any work related problem is solved in a company that employs 10 or more people, person that solved this problem will be in front of everyone, showing situation control, dedication, overall knowledge even if knowledge has nothing to do with it since the problem can be logical.’’
Dean E. Melo – Leading coordinator of ‘’Problem solving to promotion course’’ project.

Leading position or not. Our product enhances problem solving skills up to 124%!
Even though we concentrated on a business side here, we must not forget that this supplement is working in all aspects of everyday life. Meaning that your overall problem solving skills will rise to a completely new level. New level meaning it will also include work, sports, everyday chores and solving any problems that require dedicated concentration, logical reasoning and complex tasks solving.


Let’s take this to a really astronomical and interesting level with a nice topic as an example.
We all stumbled upon a person that we find interesting, appealing… a person we would want to be more than friends with. But! As soon as we get the chance to talk to that person… no matter the size of our vocabulary, we simply don’t know what to say. We make ‘’knots’’ with words, digging deeper into abyss of asking ourselves later ‘’What was that? What did I say and do? What happened to me?’

Well, that’s something we call
Functional Clarity.

If you watched the movie ‘’Limitless’’, you certainly remember the first time he took ‘’NZT’’ and said something like:
‘’I can access every memory with ease and instantly know where to extract that information from’’. Same goes with Functional Clarity. In that moment when we, for example meet someone we like, our brain is overwhelmed with one or more emotions, synapses get ‘’clogged up’’ and we are left with tons of information we want to share AT ONCE!

Same goes with work examples, anxiety issues and all cognitive related issues. That’s why we have days we are ‘’
in a mood’’ of talking about important life questions without taking a breath, just endlessly talking. And some days, we are simply ‘’not in a mood for that’’.

When we say ‘’not being in a mood’’, that actually means our brain can’t concentrate on something specific, it lacks in clarity for taking apart different topics and processing it since it has insufficient amounts of much needed vitamins and minerals hence not having optimal conditions to work at its fullest. In those times, our brain can’t take different topics and ‘’solutions’’ to those topics with ease and process it.
As a result, we end up with a ‘’mountain’’ of things we would like to say in matter of seconds, ending it with not being able to say anything or just talk gibberish… All because our brain can’t sort information’s out.
Ultimate Brain & Body solves this issue instantly! Giving your brain perfect amount of vitamins, minerals,special herbs and everything else, getting your brains Functional Clarity to a superstar level! There’s only one thing to say now… Go get it!


Some would say that productivity and creativity are very different things. But not us! And you sure guessed it right, it is caused by the same processes happening in brain. We can all remember the time we wanted to go on a holiday. To simply run away from everyday work, problems related to work, our surrounding, people, etc. Just to change our perspective and make new memories, relax in a totally different environment.

When we come back from vacation or weekend we have a completely ‘’new’’ perspective on things. Our productivity rises enormously and we get things done in less amount of time. Somehow realizing that we do, in fact have a lot of time during the day!

Same goes with creativity. Every artist has something called ‘’blockage’’. No matter how hard an artist tries to be creative, it simply doesn’t happen. What most of them do? NOTHING! They stop doing everything connected to creativity and just do nothing. After some time, if you know an artist of any kind, you must know the creation process that’s about to happen… they disappear and work 24/7, having endless creativity.

Our brain has ‘’brakes’’. When we push our brain to maximum levels for long periods of time, our brain simply announces ‘’nope, no more. I will break down and slowdown now’’. Our diet simply does not have enough nutrients and vitamins for our brain to function at its full potential all the time. That’s why, when we are working a job that doesn’t require physical activity, we are also feeling tired and have to go to sleep and rest, even though our bodies are rested.

Brain bottle will ‘’feed’’ your brain with everything needed to be as productive and creative as possible, without needing to ‘’slow down’’ at any time!

NOTE: You SHOULD take every chance of travelling and making new beautiful memories! Suggested by Tapi Labs!


Learning a new skill can be really tough and challenging at times. It’s a process of making new connections in the brain while making a totally new ‘’option’’ in it, making it ‘’easy’’ to access during lifetime or some period of time.
In scientific language: ‘’The answer is synaptic plasticity. This term describes the persistent changes in the strength of connections (called synapses) between brain cells. These connections can be made stronger or weaker depending on when and how often they have been activated. Active connections tend to get stronger, whereas those that aren’t used get weaker and can eventually disappear/break entirely.’

So why is memory creation or simply said “learning” such a complicated process?

Well, it is because it includes almost everything we talked about till now and a bit more. You already know that memory creation is a really complicated process in terms of brain functions. And you definitely know that sometimes, it’s really hard to learn something when studying, reading, mastering something. We simply read the words or listen, and nothing ‘’goes through’’.

It’s a complicated process and if our brain is clogged the same way as we mentioned in ‘’EFFORTLESS VERBAL FLUENCY’’ it is normal that we simply can’t make new connections or it is really hard to do so. Same goes with problem solving skills, productivity and creativity. If you take time to think about it, everything is correlated and interdependent. Thus, if one function starts failing, it will affect another function that is working hard to replace or solve the problem of the previous. Making a long chain of problems and making your brain confused, not optimized and not functioning to optimal levels.

Our brain bottle is filled with everything your brain needs to obtain maximum levels, therefore eliminating chain problems and optimizing overall functions. As we mentioned, memory creation is a really powerful thing our brain is capable of doing. Making new connections in brain, making new memories, learning new things. And if brain doesn’t have enough ‘’food’’ to operate properly those connections can’t be made or are REALLY hard to make. The worst part… if brain isn’t ‘’fed’’ as it should be it becomes prone to harmful byproducts of our metabolism which can damage connections that are already there making them weaker, eventually destroying them for good. Meaning that we can forget what we already know. And you know that losing memory is leading cause of dementia and other diseases related to memory loss. Read our full ingredient list to know more about our ingredients and how they help fight diseases and prevent them from happening.


The deeper we go, the connections go stronger.
Here, we will go from sports, through gaming, all the way to everyday life. First of all, we must begin with one important information. One major study stated that 10.000 repetitions is required to achieve motor skill (motor learning).

Throught years, we also made a test among 500 people and discovered that the time for achieving a new motor skill decreased by 32% (from 100%), while reaction time decreased up to 46% when our product was used! When we put that in numbers. 6.800 repetitions were needed for perfecting any motor skill, instead 10.000. And if an athlete needed 1 sec do decide something and do something in regard, it took him 0.54 sec with using our brain bottle.
If you’re a CS gamer or an athlete, that’s difference between winning and losing! And if you are a parent, that can be the difference between going to the ER or staying at home laughing at clumsiness of your child.

There was a video called ‘’amazing dads’’, showing dads catching kids at the last moment before having some sort of accident. That’s a combination of reaction time, motor skills, instinct and overall brain alertness.
Reaction time is nothing less than brain speed, or electricity speed going through brains connections. Speed of brains electricity going from one part of the brain to another. Brain processing… assessing the situation, and telling another part of the brain what to do. If our brain has everything needed for optimal functioning, those connections are strong and information travels almost 70% faster. Or 70% slower if we are lacking in any of the brains fuels.

Our formula is making these connections even stronger. Electricity levels are peeking and overall speed of processing information and reaction time is amazing. It is estimated that with use of our brain formula overall speed between connections is 181%, compared to a normal state with an average diet most people on this planet are having.

If you take a moment and combine everything we said until now, you will understand importance of feeding your body and brain the right way. With realization that we simply cannot get the required amounts of nutrients with our diet for our brain and body to function to its potentials we also realize that we need to overcome those shortcomings and fulfill our brain and body needs with something like our formula. Something made to improve your overall health, bring your functions to full potential and make you a ‘’SUPERHUMAN’’!