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At the beginning of our story, we were mainly concentrated on the brain, it’s capabilities and overall performance that lead to some very interesting conclusions! 

If you push your brain to the maximum and don’t give enough ‘’fuel’’ for the body, the body will suffer. In those cases, you can feel enormous body fatigue, loss in energy and a great desire to sleep and rest. But, it is a two way street! If you don’t give the body enough necessary nutrients, it will start starving and breaking pulling the brain with it, slowing down its optimal performance too.

We discovered that brain and body are so correlated that it is beyond anyone’s belief. Of course, we all know that in healthy body, lays a healthy mind. And that ‘’we are what we eat’’. Nevertheless, only few of us can realize problems that normal everyday diet can cause. It is similar to badly hurting an ankle or breaking a leg. You cannot lean on that leg. The other leg is taking all the weight now, putting pressure on spinal cord, making difficulties while walking and doing everyday chores. After some time, muscles adapt and become stronger on one side of the body thus disrupting overall balance.

Now imagine not taking enough vitamins or nutrients your entire life. Not because you don’t want to but because it is impossible with food surrounding us these days. Body is not getting enough of some protein. It dissolves the protein that body has plenty of and starts making another protein that body needs. Your body is not only your everyday machine rather a machine that works on its own, making exactly what it needs and using a lot of energy doing so. Taking precious energy needed for digesting, functioning, brain power, muscle energy etc… Imagine having a car that is going on petrol (we sure can imagine that). Now imagine that you can put water in it and the car itself is making petrol out of water. If we take out costs, say that petrol is same price as water… what is better? To give the car petrol right away, or put water in making the car work harder in order to make petrol? It is an easy answer right… It is same with our body! We need proper amount of nutrients and vitamins to benefit our overall health and make our motor running with ease and without stress. With our body formula, your body will get all needed nutrients to operate at its best! Both Body and the Brain!

As Warren Buffett said in a classroom full of students:
‘’- You get to pick any car you want! Any dream car you want! Any color, any package, any price… What would you pick?
– But there is a catch. That’s the only car you will get during your lifetime.
– Would you take care of it or put rubbish fuel, oil etc…?’’
There was a big silence at that moment. Buffet then said:
‘’That is your body. You got one. Take care of it.’


Every power plant is taking some sort of fuel/power in order to make and distribute electric power further. Hydroelectric power plants take water power and regular power plant’s burn some fuel in order to make electricity. So power plant is nothing but a well-organized mechanism. Taking fuel or some sort of power in, and getting needed electric power out of it.

In other words, our body is a power plant! We take in food and liquids as a fuel, process it and distribute power all over our body. So what would happen if the river on hydroelectric power plant starts dropping water levels too much and there is less water going into turbines that generate electricity? Of course, less electricity would be made. Less electricity for consumers.

Our muscles, organs and brain are consumers. Single move of the finger uses this power. We use 26 muscles to smile! Brain uses power to tell the muscle to contract and execute a command, our nervous system uses power to transfer this information, muscles use power to contract, our brain receives feedback from contraction back over that same nervous system, and we have a vicious cycle that drains power with ease. And the worst part is… we don’t even notice it!

As an example, sitting down at a desk while doing moderate work burns 170 calories per hour. If we care to accept the fact that an average man takes 2300 kcal a day to maintain his weight and burns 170 calories per hour on a moderate work while sitting at a desk, you can calculate that he burns 1360 kcal, only at work! Not taking in account other activities like travel, walking, exercising etc. And that’s what we wondered. How come a second study from the National Center for Health Statistics at the CDC showed that 39.6% of US adults age 20 and older were obese as of 2015-2016? If you spend large amounts of calories on a desk job, how come you can get obese and jeopardize your health? (approximately 300,000–700,000 deaths in the United States per year and rising rapidly)

 Yes, you know the answer, the food we eat.

Remember the power plant?

We have high quality fuel on one hand. Petrol maybe. It is a great fuel, burns fast, low emissions, generating a lot of heat. We transfer that heat into steam, power the propellers with it and have electricity. Great production of electricity! Then, we replace petrol for plastic. It will only melt, clog the system, have toxic fumes and generate low amount of heat. Power output, low.
It’s even better explained with hydro plants where clean water turns the turbines. Then you add garbage to that water. Garbage clogs the turbines, turbines brake, no power plant any more.

Our bodies are the same! If you give the body everything it needs, without any bad substances in your diet, power is only going one way… UP! If you take in bad fuel (fast food, etc.), there will be less power. Less power means less activity, less activity means less calories burned, less calories burned means obesity. Obesity leads to brain not having enough healthy nutrients to optimally work… depression, lack of motivation, anxiety, heart disorders etc… a vicious cycle with an endless bad list.

Our body bottle has a mix of ingredients that will perfectly adapt to your diet and balance your body’s demands with a goal to optimize body energy making process. Thus stabilizing heart, blood pressure and energy levels… Never leaving you without energy and making your body into a real power plant capable of making endless amounts of power!


Everyone knows what immune system is. Simply said, it is a system that is responsible for fighting any threats coming our way.

Like evolution with animals. A lot of animals have defense mechanisms developed over centuries with one sole purpose… to survive. Some have ability to change color, some to build webs, some to blend in, some have poison and so on. Our bodies have also evolved over time. Evolved to ‘’fight’’ everything that comes our way, even cancer.

In specific terms: ‘’Immunity is the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms from entering it. Immunity involves both specific and nonspecific components. The nonspecific components act as barriers or eliminators of a wide range of pathogens irrespective of their antigenic make-up. Other components of the immune system adapt themselves to each new disease encountered and can generate pathogen-specific immunity.’

With this in mind we understand that our body is adapting to each new disease encountered. Starts suppressing causes, symptoms, fighting it with newly developed solution to the problem.
Immune system is strong when our body has everything needed to obtain optimal working functions. When there is a lack of something, body needs to ‘’heal’’ itself as mentioned before and make more for itself. While doing so, immune system is weaker, thus our body has difficulties fighting any potential threats.

Imagine you are fighting against 100 terrorists. You have a large arsenal of weapons. Enough to fight twice that number with ease. And someone takes few weapons from you. It’s not going to be that easy and you will have to pay more attention to bullets and overall arsenal. Now imagine someone striping away everything and leaving you with 100 bullets and no gun. You lose.
It is really the same with our immune system, it really needs all its ‘’guns’’ and ‘’ammo’’ to cope with threats. Do you know what happens when we don’t give our body proper amounts of vitamins and minerals it needs and we lose a ‘’gun’’ or two? We get sick. Or even worse, a serious disease takes place.

Our body formula has specially picked ingredients that benefit your entire body. Making it stronger, functioning stable and giving your immune system enough ammo to defend itself! See full ingredient list here.

To understand importance of a strong immune system carefully read next.
There are numerous examples of people curing cancer with fasting for a long period. Not leaving anything for cancer to ‘’feed’’ on and making immune system neutralize cancer. Now you will most certainly say something like ‘’well, when fasting, you don’t take any vitamins or anything in your body’’… We must disappoint you and say ‘’that’s not really the case’’. Most success cases were with fasting and taking in only water and tea. Not any kind of your regular tea you can buy in a regular store. But natural herbs tea made from naturally dried plants, many of which, you can find in our body formula.

Note: Always consult your doctors before doing anything that can jeopardize or influence your health in a bad way.


Secret to eternal life? Is it real? Is it possible?

Yes… we are trying to explain the importance of healthy life and taking all nutrients needed to make your body and brain functions to its maximum levels and unfortunately, we still haven’t achieved the level of eternal life. But we are working on it too.

This part is the most complex since it takes more than body to achieve slower aging and more vitality. When we are talking about ageing and vitality, we have to take brain into account as much as the body. We all know some really old people living in village, far from people, working hard their entire life… but there is a catch, their vitality levels are amazing. Their vitality levels are same as in a 20 year old. On the other hand, we know people living in a city surrounded by enormous amounts of stress, concentrated on success and prosperity, not caring about food, exercise and rest… people in their forties looking like they are in their sixties or even worse…

Even if the body is in perfect condition, working at its best, our brain has a lot of saying in it. If we are under constant stress, never having time to rest, cope with stress… it takes a toll on our body. When our brain is not working properly, our body has to work harder to help the brain ‘’solve the issue’’ by giving more overall nutrients to brain. When our body is working hard, our body is aging. Ageing is nothing but a repetitive dying and reproducing cells in a body. If our body is working hard, it will burn more fuel. More fuel burned, more repetitive dying of cells and reproducing cells. And here, we are not even taking in account bad food and overall bad life habits.

Talking about slowing ageing down is also talking about taking care of your body so the brain will function optimally. Since, if the brain is not functioning optimally, neither will the body and vicious cycle of faster aging has started. For this particular topic, we must certainly stick to both bottles with our formulas. Because both brain and body are so important in process of ageing and preserving our cells. With Body and Brain bottles, you will maintain perfect balance and make yourself a true superhuman! A superhuman that is age proof!


Almost everyone has heard of antioxidants. Marketers and promoters love it. They love talking about it much, but also, most of us don’t know what antioxidants are and why they are so important in our everyday life.

Let us explain it in human terms. Entire universe is made out of atoms, as we all know. Same as entire universe, our bodies are some sort of smaller universe since we are made out of molecules, and molecules are made out of atoms. In a 154 pound human, there are almost 7*1027 atoms. That is a 7 followed by 27 zeros! Seven billion billion billion atoms. These atoms form molecules.
Something we called metabolism is made out of breaking molecules apart and creating new molecules. Scientifically said, it is bunch of chemical reactions needed to sustain life. Molecules are made out of neurons, protons and electrons. When those molecules are broken down in process of chemical reaction, a lot of electrons break loose. Other parts of molecule too, but electrons are most important here.

Molecules have the right amount of electrons. When a molecule losses an electron and it is not supposed to lose that electron, it can turn into something call FREE RADICAL. Free radicals are not stable as an ordinary molecule and can harm the body. Free radical can react with other molecules, make changes to the body and damage other molecules. They can even damage DNA.
This is where antioxidants come to the spotlight. Antioxidants are almost entirely made out of electrons. Antioxidants transfer their electrons and replace the empty spot where electron should be in a molecule. By doing so Free Radicals are now made back to normal molecules that cannot harm anything around them and simply continue ‘’working’’ in our benefit!

Our body bottle is filled with antioxidants. In our formula you can find lots of antioxidants that are bullet proof! When we say bullet proof, we mean… there is a higher chance of getting eaten by a shark while you are showering at home then getting a new free radical creation in your new enhanced body!

When mentioning metabolism, molecule brake down and molecule creation, we are also mentioning regeneration. Healing and regeneration in its origins. We all know damaged liver can be regenerated similar as a lizard can regenerate broken tail or other extremity.
Healing is nothing else but creation of new molecules. When we are younger, our wounds heal really fast. And when we are older, our wounds heal really slow. That is due to the metabolism, due to how fast our metabolism is. In other words, it is how fast our body can make new molecules, grow tissue.
After realization that we have more then enough antioxidants in our formula, tests of tissue growth started. We realized one amazing fact!

Due to stabilizing entire body, functionality and overall chemical reactions… we stabilized and enhanced the metabolism. Thus made healing and regeneration faster. In our research, among 250 people, healing and regeneration is up to 80% faster than average control tests!

With a combination of body and brain pills, you can really protect your entire body. Make your body safe, filled with antioxidants that will protect you from free radicals and overall threats.


You know that day when you go two stairs up and can’t catch a breath? And on other days, you run up those stairs, run, and simply want more or don’t feel tired at all, have all the air in the world and simply have endurance levels to the max! It is similar to riding a bike. Body is an amazing machine. We first feel great while pedaling. After some time, we can feel muscle pain and overall tiredness. We want to stop pedaling and simply end this torture. Then, if we continue, amazing thing happens. We do not feel anything and simply go on ‘’forever’’. Not like professional cyclists, but continue with ease. Only after we finish training, we feel pain in muscles.
That moment of going over the top and stop feeling tortured is something called muscle momentum spasm. Meaning our muscles are now used to a tempo and continue working like a never-ending machine.

Strength and endurance are directly correlated to MMS (muscle momentum spasm). Since strength and endurance is measured by amount of stress muscles can cope with until going into MMS. Imagine not ever going into that feeling of torture. Not feeling tiredness. Only feeling power, strength and wanting more since your body feels like never-ending strength power plant!

As mentioned in “ENERGY LEVEL LIKE A POWER PLANT”, our bodies need fuel in order to make power. Our bodies are amazing in doing just that. But as it is mentioned before, the food we use in our diet isn’t really filled with nutrients we need. It is actually that bad… that both body and brain suffer and are in constant lack of nutrients needed to run optimally. As our body bottle resolves all issues concerning lack of nutrients, vitamins and minerals it also resolves issue with lack of strength and endurance!

You need energy to gain strength. And strength is nothing less than ability to contract muscles as hard as possible and endurance is how many times can we do so. When overall body and brain stability is achieved using tablets from the Body bottle, strength and endurance levels go over the top!
In order of understanding better, we’ll dive into it simply.
Our muscles are contracted when our brain gives the information to contract. When our brain gives the information to contract the muscle, information travels faster since we optimized brain functions and overall information transaction speed. Thus, affecting reaction time, our muscles are fed with every nutrient needed to contract harder than before, energy levels are peaking while metabolism is faster. Since metabolism is faster, our endurance levels are higher. Overall energy spending and muscle contractions lead to low energy, with time leading to MMS. With body bottle, when entire body is peaking at more than optimal levels, using all of its potential… MMS is really far down the road because our body is so efficient in making more energy, contracting muscles harder and with ease! Overall muscle fatigue is no more! Our metabolism has more than doubled in speed thus making our body endurance king, so you end up always being full of energy with endurance levels big enough to run the world!

If you take a moment and combine everything we said until now, you will understand importance of feeding your body and brain the right way. With realization that we simply cannot get the required amounts of nutrients with our diet for our brain and body to function to its potentials we also realize that we need to overcome those shortcomings and fulfill our brain and body needs with something like our formula. Something made to improve your overall health, bring your functions to full potential and make you a ‘’SUPERHUMAN’’!